Tuesday, November 18, 2008

YoYo Wreath

Looky what my friend designed isnt it beatiful and she has instructions written up in pdf format up at my ecrater and etsy. You can use various clover tools for this one and we are also offering a free christmas yoyo hotpads free with this pattern. I was thinking about this pattern once you knew how to make it you could you holiday fabric and make all kinds .. birthdays, valentines, 4th july im going to to do it. you can find cheap holiday fabric now and also gadgets to go with it.. Here is the cute hotpads she also made that you get the pattern free.

These are so pretty ..I definite making the wreath and these for my christmas party love it after i finish my thousands of never ending projects lol i still have time.. So please tell us what you think about this gorgeous wreath and any comments is welcome thank you hugs kat

And my favorite Holiday pattern is at Indigo Junction the santa clause is so cute

i think this pattern is worth the buy you get 3 cute

yoyo patterns for christmas here is the link to get it.

Im going to make the wreath and then the santa i hope

to in time if not i can make it after the holiday for next


I see they got some new ones too wow i like this one .
I really like the puppy one
soooooo cute and made
different than the other
puppy one they have You
can get it here at Indigo Junction.

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