Friday, February 29, 2008

Meet miss ribbit i just made her the other day boy im having fun making these yoyo dolls my next project is a kitty just trying to figure out the pattern. Once you get the concept of the putting the yoyo doll together you can make anything ..

my fellow yoyo alongers what ya making love to see and hear from you hugs kat

Update i have a pattern in pdf format I have paypal button on the top right side of this blog thank you kat

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

hello easter is creeping up can't wait for spring get rid of these rainy cold days im ready for sunshine.
I wanted to have you meet suzie q i made her today it was fun making my own doll head and sewn the face was a challenge
but i think for my first one she turned out cute what do you think?

well till the next project happy yoyo!
hugs kat

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Guess what i finished my first yoyo doll . Its a elephant. I think it came out okay but i will be better a it since now i have the concept of making one.
It was fun i love it . It wasnt really hard i thought it would be but it wasnt so easy anyone can make one . Here is a pic of him messing around our car lol

I also got some pictures of him with his friends
well thats it for now i hope you like my pictures of my friends i have made there is piggie pinky and julie im still looking for a name for the elephant?? hugs kat