Friday, October 19, 2007

Pat has shown us a wonderful idea with yoyos i would have never of thought of this..Pat is so talented...
Found some colorful pot holders at the $1 store....
2 for $1...Had to dress them up with some yoyos..
here is what I did...crocheted a edge around the outside in orange...started off with a blanket stitch..a row row 3DC in sc of previous 3DC 1 sc all around.
blind stitiched yoyos in the shape of a flower onto both pot holders.....they are so colorfull........and in the fall spirit.....
will spray them with scotchguard frabic spray to protect them a bit from getting dirty fast when used....
thought you would like to see what I have been up to..
Keep on Yoyo ing......
Pat from NY

Thank You Pat Great Ideas.. Everyone seems busy with the upcoming holidays..
Have fun with Halloween be safe.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yoyo along Christmas swap

It YOYO Christmas time ..I have a swap up at swap bot yep its christmas material only. Here is the specifics i hope you join ..
Swap Homepage:
Swap-bot URL:
Swap Coordinator: craftypiggie (contact)
Swap categories:
Number of people in swap: 1
Last day to signup/drop: October 31, 2007
Date items must be sent by: November 15, 2007
Number of swap partners: 1

YoYo along with on Christmas Only swap. YOu will swap 25 christmas yoyos with your partner. These YoYos will be a circle of 5 inches round.Use a cd as the size of yoyo. When sewn they are 2 1/4inches round. YOu can also use the extra large yoyo clover tool. what can you use yoyos for well they make great embellshiment and can also be used to make various crafts as seen in mariam maxine site.You may send embellishments with our swap. or anything you like to get a star..Please visit our home page YOYO Along

Monday, September 10, 2007

Here is a update to Pats awesome quilt its coming along wonderful. Love it!!!
Don't worry Pat i think my mind is always on vacation... heehhe

Sorry to take so long to write...Busy making yoyos LOL...
I did almost finish my second quilt and cutting up the denim from jeans for the third...I have 6 grandchildren and want to make one for each of them....the older boys will get sports designs appliqued on...
I do have a picture of the second quilt to show off...I hung it on the clothesline and took a picture....
I still need to tack it in places..might add a few is 48" X 64"
and heavy....used no batting just a double knit material for the backing.
I will try to figure out what size circles or about I used on the clown doll....give me a day or brain took a vacation....LOL
I have Fibromyalgia....and you get these days when you feel like your living in a fog...and can't concentrate.....had a bad week of being in a flare...and each day feel a bit have to bare with me..........for I love yoyoing and keeping the hands busy..
HUgs...and thanks for sharing all the patterns and ideas....
I love your blog...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Here is a different way of using the yoyo.
Kat.....I just made a Butterfly...
Used 2 exlarge Clover yoyos and 2 Large...and Buttons..
Maybe it will Help the gal who wanted to make a butterfly..

Just a closeup of the latest squares I did
Happy Yoyoing.. Pat

Thank you Pat Beautiful!!!
Check out the link to a video making yoyos!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is Awesome Quilt

Kat this is the
New Quilt...laid them out to see how they look so far..
Top center square.......they are square yoyos...had to try them.
You can share if you like...or wait until i can get a better picture...I have cataracts...and will be having surgery next month...Cant see for nothing to take a picture..I need to get a closer shot to see more detail.......
Loved the pin cushion you posted..
I just ordered a book from had a book with ideas for yoyos and a circle cut all different sizes..
when your hooked your hooked.....Heck and I use to Crochet and hands have arthritis and I just couldnt do it anymore...But Hand sewing I am fine..When I keep busy yoyoing nothing hurts.......yoyoing is the best Prescription Yet....
Gentle Hugs.....
Bless you for keeping me busy with all the great ideas you share...

I agree Pat i to crochet alot and notice it hurts less ..when i do yoyoing it looks like you have the yoyo knack this is awesome work beautiful ..lets gets some comments friends hugs kat

Pats YOYO Clown

Great Job on this wonderful YOYO Clown i love it ..I want to make one but i need instructions lol. Pat was nice of eneough to share here wonderful craft here is her post ..

This is Mr. Clown..
and He is 16 years old...Made him for My first Grandchild...
Best to put it together with shoe laces...Used large bells on the ends...just tied lots of knots and sewed to secure to make it safe for baby...The head was just a circle and made a face...and cone shape for the hat....that was stuffed with poly fill also.
Happy yoyoing..
Now this is gorgeous -kat
Flag pillow...made yoyos, attached together in design of flag colors.. ..then just tacked on a ready made pillow..
Satin Ball made with white satin material and fancy buttons..
It is just a fancy decoration....could be used for Our First Xmas together just put date on it....
The refrig. magnet on right....I was trying to make items for the children to buy for there moms...Layered yoyos..painted a face on a wooden disk..added a ribbon rose and bow...made a sign..
Special Mom...Super Mom... Supper Grammy... etc...and laminated it and glued it to the back to hang below..I cut them to a heart shape..
...and glued on Magnet...They sold like hot cakes....kept the price low so the children could afford to buy..the smiles and joy from the children were worth all the effert put into making them.....
with more

A note about our yoyo group
Please join in the fun
we share great ideas links and projects
come and join in the yoyo along blogging

Here is a pic of something i tried to make lol i guess its a yoyo pincushion lol. My grandkids think its cool lol.. thats all i got today have a blessed week .

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hi i wanted to share what i have gotten in the past few days .
Yes yoyo patterns they are sooooo cute. Here is a few. The first one is a reindeer i dont have the santa one hope to soon. The other one is a crochet angel. And then I have two spanish yoyo magazines
omg these are awesome tons of ideas.

Here is some pics of the magazines .

this one is a fabric with yoyos
okay thats its cools stuff
hugs kat

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Jumping for joy I'm very excited to post for one of our wonderful ladies on our YOYO along Yahoogroups. **Pat from NY** she was nice to share her gorgeous quilt very different and sooooo cool.

Hi... been yoyoing for a long time...One of my newest ideas was to attach the yoyos to a quilt of denim squares from used blue jeans....It was so much fun to do...cant wait to do more...Still might add some more decorative embroidery...
each square before sewn together was 8 1/2 inches .attached the yoyos before sewing together...blind stitch or a blanket stitched them on...It was creative something different on every square. If you want I can take a close up picture. Thanks for sharing the ideas..I am so glad I found your site.....I thought I was the only NUT in the world hooked on yoyoing..Pat from york.and where are you from...?
I am still working on putting buttons on the 4 corners..
Always wanted to make a denim quilt from old blue jeans..Been saving for a long time..also Tag sales found some goodies..
Have made purses from the tiny kids sizes. another project another tale to tell.
I did not have a clue what I was going to do..
Had the denim...cut it in pieces 8 1/2 " square..Had yoyos made
they were left over from a quilt I just finished with 1368 yo's
made with the clover large yoyo it..but next time will use Xlarge yoyo maker..
I played and placed the yoyos all different ways on the plan ahead just created as I went.......I so enjoyed every minute of it...for I love to Embroider I pinned in place...I stitched with embroidery floss around the first yoyos in a blanket stitch....or blind stitched and used a chain stitch with floss in a bright color around each yo yo or the center......the more I did the more ideas popped into my head...took me a month to make this quilt......I sewed the squares together
with the grain going one way then the a checkerboard...sewed in a strip...then put the strips together...
matching the corners to my surprise was great...I really made sure all were the exact same size....
I am retired.... and do have plenty of spare time, keeping cool...when it is too hot to adventure out shopping etc...
I used the pockets on the quilt,,, Thinking I could hide a treasure ( beany baby) in the pocket to surprise my youngest Grandaughter...I did not use any batting for the denim is heavy......and I dont have a clue how to sandwich it in between like layers...I only used a cotton print for the backing...
It is my first denim yoyo quilt....and cant wait to start another....
So happy to be able to share my creation..
Cant wait to start another as soon as this one is completely finished......
Happy yoyoing,
Pat from N.Y.

Thank you Pat!!!!!
So what do you say beautiful huh please leave a comment we love to hear from ya...kat

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just a post to show you some of the yoyo kits have come out .
Not sure where i think its Maxim ...So cute great for the holidays. If you cant get kits maybe the pictures you can
try making your own
These are just toooooo cute i like the Santa
Also christmas material been going on sale at joanns alot
maybe it will again ...If anyone get these kits and make some could you share your picture of a finish
product. I can put the pics up on the blog if you dont want to ..
well thanks and have a good week.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I got YoYo Swap 11 up at Swap bot . This one is different it has a twist
Below is the information if you like to join just click on the LINK

This will be a international swap. You will swap 25 yoyos .The Template i use is a cd size. These YoYos will be a circle of 5 inches round.Use a cd as the size of yoyo. When sewn they are 2 1/4inches round. They must be this measurement to insure a perfect YoYo Quilt. I think you can use the clover yoyo maker size xtra lg for this swap. Even if your not making a quilt makes good embellishments for your projects. Make sure you profile is updated to colors and favorites.Please look at your partners profile.

Along with your 25 yoyos you will send 5 items picked from below items.

  1. spool of thread
  2. 5 -6inch squares of fabric
  3. 1 color floss
  4. 1 handmade cd of music to sew by
  5. 5 buttons
  6. 1 quarter flat material
  7. yoyo project or patterns
  8. Suprise item
  9. Pins
  10. needles
  11. needlebook
  12. sequins
  13. beads
  14. recipes
  15. ribbons
Okay i hope you will join in on the fun the last day to sign up is august 31st and
you will mail your package before Sept 15th.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Seems like the yoyo swap is not to popular on the list. So i will
put it on the back burner for now..Wanted to show you some of the yoyo projects i made.. I didnt make them for yoyos but i thought they were cute. The first one is a cell phone with a yoyo button.

The second is a purse i made their is more pics on my goodie page there is a yoyo for embellishment. Thanks for looking .. hugs kat

Look what i found

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Hi we have new members that has joined YoYo Along
The List has been very quiet i guess everyone is busy
making yoyos lol.
Im just doing a update that i would like to start exchanging
yoyos on the list. And wanted everyones imput on what they would
like the swap to be for instance what size, how many? colors.

Please go to the polls and put your input thank you

Please email me at for your imput.
Please email me by August 6th..
And if your new to this blog please join the yahoo group we have .

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I hope all will join in the fun with yoyo-along. I sent many invites so i hope some will join in and show off their yoyo progress.
I just put up YoYo Swap 10# it will be 30 yoyos to 1 partner if there is more thank 20 people we will have 2 partners. Here is the LINK to get to the swap to join. I like to welcome all new bloggers as they make their way to this blog and i hope can post when possible about their obession with YoYos and pray that them darn clover gadgets come in the mail today lol.
Im going to show you a project i ran across Pillows are so cute. If anyone wants to share about Fabrics on this blog please do
so love to see different kinds of fabric. I also have fabric swaps i think i will sent one up soon.
If you have any good links to add to blog please email me at

hugs kat

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hi im sharing with you what i have been making. Needlebooks
and i put together one with yoyos you can see them on my
esty pics to the right but here is the yoyo needlebook. Here is the inside has pocket for scizzors they are fun to make.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Yoyoing Along

So im YoYoing Along here is a update on my YoYo Quilt.
I have 6 rows by 37 YoYos and a basket full made. I also
have been sewing the back of this 6 rows before i add more
rows. Here is a pic of the quilt.
And here is a pic of my stash. I usually play canasta and make yoyos as i play and throw them in this basket.I will be using some of them for the YoYo Along exchange at Swap Bot.

I hope you can join in the fun with making a YoYo quilt and show off your hard work.
So until next post have a great YoYo time.