Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is Awesome Quilt

Kat this is the
New Quilt...laid them out to see how they look so far..
Top center square.......they are square yoyos...had to try them.
You can share if you like...or wait until i can get a better picture...I have cataracts...and will be having surgery next month...Cant see for nothing to take a picture..I need to get a closer shot to see more detail.......
Loved the pin cushion you posted..
I just ordered a book from had a book with ideas for yoyos and a circle cut all different sizes..
when your hooked your hooked.....Heck and I use to Crochet and hands have arthritis and I just couldnt do it anymore...But Hand sewing I am fine..When I keep busy yoyoing nothing hurts.......yoyoing is the best Prescription Yet....
Gentle Hugs.....
Bless you for keeping me busy with all the great ideas you share...

I agree Pat i to crochet alot and notice it hurts less ..when i do yoyoing it looks like you have the yoyo knack this is awesome work beautiful ..lets gets some comments friends hugs kat

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