Thursday, July 5, 2007

I hope all will join in the fun with yoyo-along. I sent many invites so i hope some will join in and show off their yoyo progress.
I just put up YoYo Swap 10# it will be 30 yoyos to 1 partner if there is more thank 20 people we will have 2 partners. Here is the LINK to get to the swap to join. I like to welcome all new bloggers as they make their way to this blog and i hope can post when possible about their obession with YoYos and pray that them darn clover gadgets come in the mail today lol.
Im going to show you a project i ran across Pillows are so cute. If anyone wants to share about Fabrics on this blog please do
so love to see different kinds of fabric. I also have fabric swaps i think i will sent one up soon.
If you have any good links to add to blog please email me at

hugs kat