Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Craftypiggies YoYo's

YoYo's im crazy about them. Long ago my Mom made one when i was a weee little one . It was lost to the sea when our boat sank while traveling from Hawaii to Calif luckly we flew lol. So i wanted to make one. I have a YoYo Swap going on at Swap bot and have collected nice YoYos. I decided to strips but i had extra material cut out hexagons and now im sewing in between the YoYos for that backing to make this a quilt. Its only at 2 rows now but i double it up for picture i will get a better picture when it all comes together.

Most of these YoYos are from the Swap. I have loved every puffy that comes to my home
filled with little puffy material to make my Quilt
come alive!!!