Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Craftypiggies YoYo's

YoYo's im crazy about them. Long ago my Mom made one when i was a weee little one . It was lost to the sea when our boat sank while traveling from Hawaii to Calif luckly we flew lol. So i wanted to make one. I have a YoYo Swap going on at Swap bot and have collected nice YoYos. I decided to strips but i had extra material cut out hexagons and now im sewing in between the YoYos for that backing to make this a quilt. Its only at 2 rows now but i double it up for picture i will get a better picture when it all comes together.

Most of these YoYos are from the Swap. I have loved every puffy that comes to my home
filled with little puffy material to make my Quilt
come alive!!!


Cynthia said...

Love the colors! Thanks for the invite over to see your blog. I'm gonna add you to my list of faves. That is quite an undertaking making a quilt of them. It will be absolutely beautiful when it's finished.


Craftypiggie said...

Thank you i love the colors to.
hugs kat

Anonymous said...

I stared to yo yo about two months ago but stopped because I started to make fabric giftbags out of the legs of denim pants. This as inspired me to start on this again and maybe add some of the yoyo's to the giftbags instead of bottons.