Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I love YoYo Swap

Hello everyone i wanted to show and tell about my swap i have at Swap bot. Its called i love yoyos . What you do is you have a partner that you make one yoyo project gift and 5 yoyos and 5 embellishments and you mail to you partner in a swap.The pictures im showing are from Andrea she is on our group at yoyo along and also is a active blogger on this blog.. Here is a link to her wonderful goodies she makes i just love her crafts.

To the left is a swaper on the group she made a yoyo dotee i love it.

This is a bag made for Andrea from her swaper
i love the colors and made a pincushion how great the
colors all come together such neat fabric.

The pincushion and napkin holder is what Andrea made for her swap partner isnt so neat. I love the napkin holder to bad she wasnt my partner lol..

So why don't you come to Swap Bot
and join in the fun i have I love YoYo swap #2 up if you join you can find us in the search just put yoyo or sewing categorie you will find us.