Monday, July 12, 2010

update blog

Hello long time since i posted ..wanted to share this book with you really neat projects . Isn't this a cute sweater using the yoyo flowers.

I would love to see anyones yoyo projects .. if you have joined my yahoo group and send me pictures and info on your project for the blog i will send you one of my yoyo patterns that i sell at etsy thru the email. You can send all your info to

If you havent joined my yahoo group its at the right hand side just scroll down you will see a link to join.. The list is very quiet at the moment but i hope we can jazz it up. Wow its sure hot in Sc ...staying inside stitching is the best i wandered how they endured the heat in the old days. Until next post have a blessed year...
hugs kat

Friday, December 4, 2009

Look what leslie design a yoyo wall hanging for to hold christmas cards so cute i just love it i have it at my ecrater shop. Very busy time of the year for everyone i have moved battling a bad cold so i hope everyone is well and has a great holiday hugs kat

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poinsetta YoYo Wreath

Look at my new pattern i have for sale my friend is brillant she has written all the directions on making this wonderful new way of using yoyo makers. Hard to fine patterns for the yoyo makers.
She has use photos to direct you in making each petal.
I think its darling and easy to make and not expensive and you don't have to have yoyo tool makers.
Makes great gifts for friends , nursing homes, Activity directors would love to make this for their homes as well as for their patients. i think a green bow would be cool. What do you think?? This is the wreath created for christmas using the circle plastic . Have a great day hugs kat

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yes i have been bad i havent been to my blog in a long time.
Its not by choice had no internet for 3 months i had withdrawls.
My club thinks i probably was kidnaped lol. Im back for a bit hopefully
storms will not ruin our cable. Please post any goodies you have made
with yoyos love to see creations .. I hope to get more ideas out this blog
so happy sewing ..its going to be busy with holidays coming !!
hugs kat

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I love YoYo Swap

Hello everyone i wanted to show and tell about my swap i have at Swap bot. Its called i love yoyos . What you do is you have a partner that you make one yoyo project gift and 5 yoyos and 5 embellishments and you mail to you partner in a swap.The pictures im showing are from Andrea she is on our group at yoyo along and also is a active blogger on this blog.. Here is a link to her wonderful goodies she makes i just love her crafts.

To the left is a swaper on the group she made a yoyo dotee i love it.

This is a bag made for Andrea from her swaper
i love the colors and made a pincushion how great the
colors all come together such neat fabric.

The pincushion and napkin holder is what Andrea made for her swap partner isnt so neat. I love the napkin holder to bad she wasnt my partner lol..

So why don't you come to Swap Bot
and join in the fun i have I love YoYo swap #2 up if you join you can find us in the search just put yoyo or sewing categorie you will find us.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sam the Snowboarding Snowman

well Leslie did it again she made the cutest snoman he can snowboard on christmas day. I just love her designs she is also working on a other yoyo projects that are coming soon. You can get this pattern her at our store

great instructions and pictures to help make this cute guy. You can get all 16 holiday yoyo patterns all in one bundle package on a cd or emailed. Thanks for looking so what do you think about this cutie???

hugs kat ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hi Everyone Weeeeeeee holidays are over time to take a break. But im busy with spring cleaning already i just made a strawberry shortcake doll for my gd katelynn for her 8th birthday we had a blast went to get this her favorite restraunt red lobster no not mcdonalds she picks red lobster lol. Then build a bear where we bought her bear sarah a outfit that could of bought katelynn one for the price. And then Rollar skating it was fun but im now tired. Now i am inviting you to my Swap-bot swap come and have some fun with us
go to this link and sign up then look for I love yoyo and you will find it.
Until next time happy yoyoing below is the swap..thanks kat

Swap Homepage:
Swap Coordinator:
craftypiggies (contact)
Swap categories:
Number of people in swap:
Last day to signup/drop:
January 30, 2009
Date items must be sent by:
March 1, 2009
Number of swap partners:
Usa and Canada only please.
You will make one crafty yoyo gift. Send 5 yoyos made of your favorite fabric. 5 pieces of embellishments.
Tips to send Your yoyo gift can be a bookmarker, small doll, any small gift you can make with yoyos. Doesnt have to be made all yoyos but mostly.
Embellishments can be buttons ,ribbons, pins beads just 5 pieces items u would use on your yoyos.
must have a 4.0 or better to join. Please dont join if your not going to go thru with swap things do happen if so please contact your partner and let them know whats going on.