Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pats YOYO Clown

Great Job on this wonderful YOYO Clown i love it ..I want to make one but i need instructions lol. Pat was nice of eneough to share here wonderful craft here is her post ..

This is Mr. Clown..
and He is 16 years old...Made him for My first Grandchild...
Best to put it together with shoe laces...Used large bells on the ends...just tied lots of knots and sewed to secure to make it safe for baby...The head was just a circle and made a face...and cone shape for the hat....that was stuffed with poly fill also.
Happy yoyoing..
Now this is gorgeous -kat
Flag pillow...made yoyos, attached together in design of flag colors.. ..then just tacked on a ready made pillow..
Satin Ball made with white satin material and fancy buttons..
It is just a fancy decoration....could be used for Our First Xmas together just put date on it....
The refrig. magnet on right....I was trying to make items for the children to buy for there moms...Layered yoyos..painted a face on a wooden disk..added a ribbon rose and bow...made a sign..
Special Mom...Super Mom... Supper Grammy... etc...and laminated it and glued it to the back to hang below..I cut them to a heart shape..
...and glued on Magnet...They sold like hot cakes....kept the price low so the children could afford to buy..the smiles and joy from the children were worth all the effert put into making them.....
with more

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Here is a pic of something i tried to make lol i guess its a yoyo pincushion lol. My grandkids think its cool lol.. thats all i got today have a blessed week .

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Monique said...

Hi, I love the yo yo clown . I was wondering how do you attach the head to the yo yo ?