Saturday, July 19, 2008

Well hi everyone i hope you all had a good holiday and was safe i have been busy i made this doll (baby) this week and i also made like a punk doll. They are all out of yoyos and i also used baby fleece for the baby . I sewed her hair on so she has curls. So what you think.

The doll is all in pink and different fabrics she was fun to make. My Grandson Josh made the necklace with a slipper. she is very pink. I have them up at my etsy store. Have a nice day


aaaandreaaaa said...

I love the square body attached to the yo-yos. Another cute doll!

Kat Lees said...

Judy its Kat Lees here from Designs By Kat ~ email me privately, I could not find an email address for you.
Remind about the patterns you asked about please, thanks Kat