Saturday, June 28, 2008

This I posted on my blog on June 2

This is a work in progress that I work on in the car while my husband drives the first 1 hour of our commute and the last hour at night. So, it only is getting worked on two hours a day or less. When done, this will fit a 24 month/2T-size little girl. I don't have one of those; this is just an experiment with sheer fabric and yarn to try and make an image I had in my head. It needs 4 more yoyos around arm/neck openings. So far it is coming out as I thought it would. It also needs crocheted sleeves and the skirt part finished. The white part is the slip a 24 mos/2T-sized little girl would wear under the dress.
This last photo is not true to color, but it shows you how sheer the yoyos are
All the supplies in this project, from the fabric to the yarn to the thread, came from thrift stores at differnt times.


Craftypiggie said...

Its beautiful thank you for posting this is the neatest project i have seen using yoyos and is so delicate and so girly hehehe girl power.
hugs kat

aaaandreaaaa said...

I love it!