Friday, January 25, 2008

Hi .. here is some projects of one of our members.
Here name is Rowena and she doesnt speak great english
but she is great with yoyos ..Great projects.

Yoyo bathroom set fantastic ideas love the tissue box.
Frog so cute applique.

Her projects are soo neat love this apple set. I look forward to her future projects. Here is a little about Rowens
I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, I live near MaracanĂ£.
I'm 47 years old, 2 sons, Eduardo (24) and Bernardo (21). I'm retire because I have a health problem.
I'm divorced.
I love beach, handmade, books, radical sports, to walk, to travel, friends...
I study English but only on book 2, sorry.
heheheh your a doll and infact we have many things in common except english i know that well heheh kat

All Members i put up a swap at swap bot come on and have some fun swaping yoyos.
hugs kat

1 comment:

Rovena said...

Thank you so much my friend!
One day I will speak English very well LOLLLL